BioGrow Group

The BIOGROW GROUP is a multinational holding, founded in 2001, with the vision to contribute to finding answers to global challenge of food production through technological innovations effective that help increase and improve agricultural production sustainably and environmental friendly.


We are a corporation that works with the spirit of a large family, which has enabled us to hand the best professionals, which integrate multidisciplinary teams in our research centers, subsidiaries and factories engaged in the constant search for excellence.


We have grown thanks to the passion to innovate and explore new opportunities in the agricultural, livestock items.


Today BIOGROW is present throughout the Americas and Oceania.





Agricultural:                                                      Plant Nutrition

                                                                         Plant Protection


                                                                         Polymers for seed treatment

                                                                         Machinery for seed treatment

                                                                         Hybrid seeds of vegetables


Livestock:                                                         Forage inoculant

                                                                         Symbiotic additives for animal health


Services:                                                          Analytical chemistry

                                                                         Seed treatment



 Biogrow in the world



R&D Centers

Level 3, 2 Brandon Park Drive - Wheelers Hill, Victoria  3150 -Australia