BIOGROW Australia`s membership with the BIOGROW GROUP Company, began in 2009 with the vision to take a leading role in the markets of fruit, vegetables, field crops, seed treatment and livestock.


Today we are present through our Agronomists in major producing areas of fruit and vegetables in Australia.


Since we began our work in Australia, we have stablished a reputation for quality biostimulants, nutrition deficiency correctors, soil conditioners and stress relief for horticulture and broad acre.


We are proud to offer innovative products, as is the case of BIORADICANTE a root growth stimulator that is extensively used on turf farms and golf courses.


After careful screenning through the different agro-climatic areas of Australia, in 2015 we launched our first hybrid cucumbers, and  2016 we are pleased to incorporate tomatoes. Our varieties are noted for their format, performance and resistance, which makes them attractive to production


Complementig the seed offering is our Seed Treatment Center, located in Valinhos - SP - Brazil, we have been revolutionizing the market for seed treatment with the launch of BIOCROMA and BIOCOAT 1000, thirs generation polymers giving high control efficiency to dust-off, quick drying and brightness, These are products wich are unique to the market place.

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